The end

I can remember the the first course of Call. We were so crowded in the classroom and every one of us has the same question in our mind. ”What will we do in this course”  After the teacher gave us the syllabus I similed and told the teacher that this is a very assertive syllabus do you think you can finish these tasks? After I completed almost 12 tasks of 14 today I’m writing the my final reflection. So this reliazed me that nothing is impossible.I can’t deny that  I spent lots of my time on the tasks of Call but today I can say that I learned lots of things which will improve my teaching skills in the future. ÖSYM will not ask the questions about Call but acquisitions of this course will add you lots things in the future in your teaching process. If you want to be a good teacher you have to be aware of this kind of technological developments in your area because using technology in classrooms is not consists of ppts presentations. When you come across with new program firstly you should think that how can I use it in classroom environment? It must be the first question for us all the time. I hope next semester students attend this course with aim of learning something different and without the concern of getting high grades. Just try to learn something.As a students we are so obsessive about the getting high grades, may be this is the biggest fault in our learning process and it is valid for every course. May be we can change this wrong perception in the future, I hope we will.


Week 11 Towards the end

Topic of the week was podcast and this term is not new for me. I like following news about basketball. these news can be related nba, tbl or eruoleague it doesn’t matter but generally I miss these kind of programs because of its’  air time. I solved this problem thanks to podcast and I want to share this link here if you are interested in basketball you can find interesting news they changed the podcast as a potacast and you can listen whenever you want.

If we get back to our subject we have to think how we can use podcast in teaching and learning process. Firt of all listening is key word for the fluency in English. If we want to get good pronunciation in English we have to listen lots of things .listening will also help our writing skills and will develop them. as the teacher stated in his course npr ( is rich source for all of us. you can visit this site and listen daily news or you can find something interesting for you.

To do a podcast you can visit audioboo and you can start with creating account in this site. next step is recording your voice. You can record your voice with voice recorder program in your computers then you can upload it to the site or you can use the site recording section it is up to you. After recording you can publish your boos you can follow your friends they can follow you as well. By using this site you can give speaking and listening homeworks to your students and you can make your lessons more enjoyable for them. You can gather their works under the topic and you can examine their pronunciation and they have the chance of listen their friends’ boos. It is a very useful and enjoyable way of listening.


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Week 10 Digital Story & Storyjumper

Last year I attended a seminar in İstanbul it’s name was 2.Story Telling Conference. after this conference I realized that I can use these storytelling techniques in teaching especially in lower grades and I can make difference and get lots of benefits. Digital stories another way of using stories in teaching process, You can prepare your stories by using moviemaker, this programme is available in all computer with microsoft software. You can write your stories and then you can support your stories with pictures or backround music, you can add videos whith subtitle by the way your students can listen and read the script simultaneously. You can use these materials in listening session of your lesson and you can easily associate your stories with the topic of the units.

Storyjumper is the another way of constructing digital stories.You have create an account for this page and then you can start to form your online story books. Storyjumper is hosting lots of pictures and visiuals the ony thing you have to do is picking them and then you can start working. With this aspect storjumper prevents time consuming. There are some scenes. If we want we can also use them. The site gives us 16 pages, but we can increase or decrease the numbers of it according to the length of the our story. When we finish it we press “share” button. If we want to buy we can order it in exchange for 24 $. I think it is a reasonable price you can order and keep it.


History of Social networks

hi ASL please?

Once upon a time this is the most sacred question for lots of us. when you replied this question like that: M 17 Turkey. the conversation ended before it began 🙂 As you understand topic of the week was Social networks and we talked the history of it. everthing began with Mirc for me, I remember that I was chatting in mirc rooms actually I was triying to chat because my conversations were not too long to be call as a chat. There were rooms in mirc and the names were listed on right part of the secreen. We were cilicking on the names and starting to the conversation with questions like asl.. there were no pictures no informations about partipants there was only nick names and we were triying to make analysis according to these nick names but most of them ended with dissappointment. Now we are so lucky because we can get lots of information about someone when we examine his facebook page we can learn what she likes her favorite films,books etc.

Another populer network is Twitter. actually it was created in 2006 but it became popular two or three years ago. It is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“. I think the magical word in this sentence is 140. Some people says that it restricts our feelings with 140 characters but I think twitter tought us to tell lots of thing with less words.

Now everyone has facebook account at least and as an English teacher we have to take anvantage of these social networks and we should use them actively if we want to be aware of the developments in ELT.

Week 8 WiziQ

You can attend conferences or you can organize seminars whenever and wherever you are, is it possible? This week we have learned that now it is possible with WiziQ. By using it you can attend conferences or lessons. Free lessons or paid ones are both available. This is great opportunity for improving your skills in your proffession. Lesson are also recorded it means that you can listen the same lesson many times.

wiziq enables us to give or organize conferences as well. if you want to teach a lesson you can specify the topic of your lesson and then you can wait you participants from all over the world, this part is the most exiting one I think. While you are teaching you can upload documents like ppts, videos or word files and you can make your conference much more interesting for participants. Another interesting feature of wiziq is whiteboard that both participants and teacher can use it. There is also chat part. Thanks to it, the students can talk to each other, make comments about the lesson or ask questions to the teacher. The teacher can close this part if she or he wants it is optional. Wiziq has also a webcam and microphone opportunity. The students can use them if we allow them.

To sum up Wiziq is an uniqe device to share your experiences with everyone, it doesn’t matter where they live. I think master students can take advantage of this programme mostly.


Week 7 Online learning

This week we our topic was online learning and we talked about nicenet and dokeos. Today we call the world as a global village because by using internet effectively we can do lots of things especially in means of online learning. firstly I want to mention nicenet it has got a very simple interface and you can see how many people use it and how much time she/he spend on this site. by using this iste you can attent lessons or you can create a class for your students and lecture them. the only disadvantage with this site is that you can not upload files or power point presentations in there. The aim of with that is to prevent it to slow down. Everything in Nicenet is offered free for public use, and Nicenet makes no profits from your participation.

Second topic of the week was dokeos. Dokeos is also an open source e-learning and course management tool and aims to  benefit from online education in which face to face and online education are mixed. by using dokeos you can form a syllabus and you can add quizzes also it enables us to make an announcement which the students can see it easily.

Finally if you want to improve yourself and improve your teaching skills you can learn lots of things by attending lessons in nicenet and dokeos. you can also create classrooms and maintain your lessons by using this digital environment and you can make your lessons interesting for your students.

doke nice

Week 6 Prezi

As a student of English Language Department I spent lots of time while preparing power point presentations. This microsoft programme is hard to work and very ordinary. We spent lots of time on it but our works are like each other and our presentations were boring. But this week we learnt a new way of praparing presentations by using prezi. first of all I just want to make some explanations about it. Prezi was officially established in 2009. It is a web-based presentation service. It lets you create fluid shows that zoom in, zoom out and pan around information using either predetermined paths or ones you create on the fly, has as little in common with PowerPoint as it possibly can and still be in the same category.

You can use prezi in your presentations in school or you can use it in the classroom environment, you will see that your friends and your students will listen you carefully and curiously. But if you don not have an internet connection you cant work on it I think this is the only disadvantege of this programme. After you finished you prezi, you have to download your work and then you can use it wherever you want. But if you want to change something in your presentation you need to internet connection again.